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ComicRack 0.9.160

ComicRack Editor's Review

Organize and read eComics with this cool Windows application.

When I was growing up, my comic book collection was large. Unfortunately for me, I never had the benefit of a decent comic book collection database, though I desperately needed one. Since then, my collection has grown to include eComics as well as paper ones.  I've taken a look at a couple different apps, and I have found that I really like ComicRack. It’s a comic book organizer for Windows.

ComicRack has two main functions. It’s both an eReader and an organizer.  As a reader, ComicRack supports all the features you'd can from an app of that type.  It has different display modes, a full screen display, information overlays, a magnifier, color adjustments, automatic backcolor matching and a multi tab interface to quickly switch between eComics.

As a comic book manager, you can browse and search your eComics in the library, create folders and lists to organize them. You can customize the lists to show just the information you need.  You can use advanced tools to tag and edit the information you've cataloged for your eComics. You can also create Smart lists to display dynamic lists based on eComic info, including read status, author, series etc.  ComicRack will also allow you to read your comics on your iDevice.

App Pro’s: Works as an eReader and as an organizer, syncs with your iDevice

App Con’s: none.

Conclusion: ComicRack is a Swiss army knife of tools for your comic book collection.  If you want to convert documents between different formats, ComicRack can do it. Creating CBZs from your PDFs it is just a click away.  The application is easy to use and fairly straight forward. If you like comic books, this is a great tool to organize them.

What's New in Version 0.9.160 of ComicRack

Change Log for Build 0.9.160:
* NEW: Added Day field for published date
* NEW: Added Week of Year column to browser
* NEW: Collapsed/Expanded states of Groups are now remembered
* CHANGE: Changes in duplicate matcher to always handle month/year
* CHANGE: Updated Publisher Icons
* BUGFIX: Expanded Cover Detail View mode did only work in English/German
* BUGFIX: Fixed sort order for combined stacking/grouping
* BUGFIX: Changed "Is bigger" to "Is Greater" in query syntax
* BUGFIX: Missing numeric spinner for Month column in browser
* BUGFIX: Better handling of number spinners in the browser
* BUGFIX: Fixed inline editing of Format, Main Character, Scan Information, Series Group and Story Arc in detail view
* BUGFIX: Fixed Apply button in Book Dialog
* BUGFIX: Fixed Workspace storage
* BUGFIX: Some code hardening

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